January 30, 2012

The Oscars Is Going To Be a Free For All.....

And when I say free for all I mean that at this point the Oscars is anyone's game. Even Pitt is keeping his campaigning consistent because as shown at last nights SAG awards, there are very few guranteed winners. Sure, we can safely predict Octavia and Plummer for their supporting roles, but Clooney isn't safe and neither is Viola. After regaining her momentum after Streep's win at the Golden Globes, Viola (in a gorgeous Greecian dress I may add) accepted her award in another well rehearsed speech (it was a good night for "Team Help"). But the story isn't about Davis trumping Streep. It was the Best Actor win going to DuJardin for The Artist. He  was speechless. I was speechless. Everyone was speechless. I loved that he won because now the Oscar race is so unpredictable. The Golden Globes was by the foreign press, but the SAGs is by fellow actors. And history has shown that the SAGs is a good indication for the Oscars.  I would love it if the 2nd underdog (the first being Demi├ín Bichir in "A Better Life") Jean to take the gold. As you know from my last post, I adored The Artist and personally I am tired of, as the ladies over at Reel Talker said. "The Year of King George". As for Viola, I adore her, but I wouldn't mind to see Streep take it. The woman was flawless as Thatcher. I will be keeping my eyes open for the heavy campaigning for the next few weeks. Oscar 2012 is going to be interesting (or possibly a predictable bore.)

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  1. best thing of the night was Dujardin! LOVED that moment!