April 25, 2013

TV Dish: Scandal "Seven Ffity Two": Huck's Life Sucks, Olivia Is Still Mad, and Fitz Does Not Care *Spoilers*

752, 752, 752, 752……if you haven’t gotten that number engrained in your head right now, then congratulations and lucky you.

After 3 weeks of waiting, tweeting, and pretty much sitting on our thumbs, Scandal came back in full force with a new episode. Bed ridden Olivia Pope (who looked all kinds of pissed off) continues to leave Fitz in the cold as he tries to reconcile and  make amends. As she questions his love for her, Jake lurks in the shadows, keeping an eye on the couple. Only in TV land can
Olivia have a concussion, be in the hospital, and still have perfectly blown, straight hair (I'm sorry, I'm bitter. I just spent an hour putting my hair in curlers....)

Then we have poor Huck who is still getting kicked in the balls by life and is traumatized by the storage unit incident. As each member of Team Gladiator give their life story, Huck continues to repeat Seven Fifty Two, Seven Fifty Two, Seven Fifty Two…...

Flashback to several years, where we find out that Huck was not always the lovable, puppy eyed-looking hobo, that Olivia Pope picked up off the street. Huck was a solider, a husband, and a father.  Of course, this is Scandal and a character can’t be happy for long without some kind of drama or tragedy. Huck is thrust into the life of a professional killer and you see him going full on Dexter with saran wrap, tools, and all that jazz. Creepy stuff.

Okay, can we first talk about how frustrating Liv and Fitz are right now? These two. I can’t even begin with them. They just need to meet up at a local Starbucks, order a couple of grande chai lattes and just hash it out. These yelling fits in hospitals and on the phone will get them NOWHERE. It just leaves frustration for them and for us who have to sit through it. Makeup, make out, and lets move on!

Then poor Fitz, bless his soul, is clueless to the fact that only hours ago, his right hand man, Jake, was doing the freak nasty with his woman (and was the reason she’s hurt in the first
place.) And Cyrus, who was totally the jealous ex-wife when he was introduced to Jake, is all kinds of salty, because he is slowly being pushed out of Fitz’s life. Jake better watch it, because Miss Cyrus is a cobra who will attack when he feels threatened (he almost took out his own husband.) The guy is ruthless and no one is off limits (not even his frenemy, Olivia Pope.)

Now we scoot over to Olivia Pope and Associates where it is Fix Huck Day (bring your own drinks, because you’re going to need it.) Abby, Harrison, and Quinn try to talk to Huck (but really it was just an excuse to give them a monologue) in hopes of bringing him back to reality. However, Huck was not having it and 752 kept going and going (I wonder what Guillermo thought when he saw the script for this episode. Was he like “Sweet! All I have to do is repeat 752? Psh, nice!")

*When it was finally revealed what 752 (or 7:52) meant I literally felt like I got tackled on the 50 yard line by an entire football team. Way to make the feels real, Shonda. Can we just give all the aawrds to Guillermo Diaz? Emmy, Oscar, Teen Choice Award, VMA Award, CMA Award. Just all the awards. He was in rare form tonight and he brought it. So good. This episode also made me feel really bad for the many times I have walked passed homeless people asking for change. I could've found my own Huck (probably not, but I really should start keeping change in my pocket...)

Olitz lovers got all in a tizzy when Liv and Fitz’s song theme song played in the hospital room. For people who don't know this is a warning for a huge flood of Olivia and Fitz loving, which will lead to either sex, kisses, sweet words of love, or angsty moments of Olitz turmoil (or all of the above.)Everyone freaked while I was here thinking “Oh, you can not seriously have them going at it in the hospital in broad day light! CODE BLUE! CODE BLUE! It’s going down!” In typical Olivia fashion, she stops the passionate embrace and leaves poor Fitz blue balled, sad faced, and alone (she does that a lot, doesn’t she?)

But, oh, let’s not forget Mellie who has had it and is ready to let the shit hit the fan. She’s done, she’s tired, and so over it. And honestly, I don’t blame her. You just can’t hate on her for being
upset. She’s looking like a chump at the White House while Fitz is with Olivia. And I love Fitz and all but this whole "nothing else matters but Liv" attitude is getting really old. If he’s willing to drop everything, every time something happens with Liv then I don’t think he should be leading the country. I know we’re in Shondaland where reality and realism gets dropped kicked out the window, but COME ON. Homeboy is talking about re-election, but he is so deep in the River of Liv that there is no way that he can continue acting like this and still consider running for a second term. He needs to make a choice. Fitz, you and I are cool, but I’m done making excuses for you. Shape up and fly right!

Honestly, I don’t know whom to trust anymore. Everyone seems to be connected with someone else and it’s slowly building to this weird 6-Degrees of Kevin Bacon sort of deal. It’s giving me a headache. I will be very interested to figure out who Jake is working for and how this all connects with Huck. I’m not convinced that he’s the bad guy that fans think he is. That would be way too obvious to pin him as the mole. We will see! See you next, week Gladiators!

 *I should've known that 752 was a time. They weren't saying seven hundred and fifty two like  a normal number. Silly me.