February 29, 2012

On January 26, I got a chance to hold the an Oscar at Grand Central.

February 27, 2012

Talk to the Leg: An Open Letter To Angelina Jolie From a Fan

Dear Angie (can I call you Angie?)

I have stood by you through thick and thin. I backed you up when you and Brad were playing house on the beaches of Nambia after his split with Jen. I have rejoiced and have defended your lows like any good fan would do. You have said and done things that have made me cut a side glance and think, 'Really bitch? Really?' However, when I saw you in person last year with your chocolate brown dress, dazzling smile, and the way you manipulated the audience to a soft, steaming, pile of mush, I knew that you were one fierce bitch and I was proud to be on your team.

Let's cut the crap. The Oscars was a disaster. Diaz can look like a fool with her freaky man arms, J.Lo can look like a fool with her tatas about to spring out and do a show stopping number. You. Are. Not. Suppose. To. Play. The. Fool. You've never had to pose so hard in your life! Lea Michele never even posed that hard in her life! What were you doing? You couldn't feel the breeze hitting your (very pasty) leg as you brought it out like it was show and tell? That pose would've been okay for one (maybe two) photo ops, but you did it for almost every shot. AND BRAD! BRAD! WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU!? You let the woman you love work the carpet like that!? You have been to enough red carpet events to know that, that was not good. You should've pulled her to the side and say "Baby, look, you look amazing, but put that thing away! It looks stupid!" Sure, you probably would've  gotten the silent treatment and several days without the Jolie sex, but that's love! Get over it!

And then to add insult to injury you go on stage. The first time presenting in a damn long time. Hair laid, outfit lovely, and makeup nailed. You stood there. Erect. Leg making it's grand debut to the world. It was awkward. It was noticeable. It was a leg. And then the damn winner made fun of you by posing hard. A mere mortal mocking your folly. I love you for looking unfazed as you announced the next category and tucking the offensive appendage back in the dress where it belonged, but the damage was done. "The Leg" had made it's mark.

It will be alright. Sure, Aniston and Chelsea Handler are probably sipping Vodka through a Smart Water bottle laughing their asses off and thanking God there is attention off their bombs of a movie. Sure, there are millions of google searches going on solely based on your leg. Okay, yeah, your leg has now replaced the leg lamp in A Christmas Story. But it's alright. Because you are Angelina fucking Jolie. People seem to forget that you were (and probably still) bat shit cray. Don't worry, you'll be good.

Advice: Make a shirt that says "Talk to the Leg," call your favorite photo agency, pick a nice location where it's just you and one of your kids (yes, one, we don't want your cute gaggle, distracting from the shirt) and just give a small smirk as you strut down the street. Laughing at yourself is the best you can do my love.


The NYC Film Chick

February 26, 2012

Crystal Clear?

I respect Billy Crystal, immensely. The man has hosted the Oscars 9 times and he was chosen at an hour of need. It's a new generation and yes, jokes fell flat. He wasn't amazing, but he wasn't terrible, either. However, he was out there doing his thing (no matter how outdated it was.) And you gotta respect him for that. And he got to live thousands of women's dreams and kiss Clooney. How did you think he fared?

Post-Oscar Haze Key Points

Well, that's it. The 2011 award season is officially over. The ceremony was dull at best with safe choice Billy Crystal trying to steer the evenings ship to a comfortable dock. One can only wonder what would've happened if Brett Ratner kept his mouth shut and Eddie Murphy ended up hosting.
  • Celeb body parts being the object of attention. J.Lo's nip slip and Jolie's leg already have a strong twitter following HERE and HERE
  • Billy Crystal got a great dye job 
  • The Scorsese drinking game still lives on (and we love it)
  • A total Meryl shock. I love a good surprise, but let's be honest, you were silly if you completely brushed off the force of the Streep. She's got Harvey on her side.
  • Apparently, Hugo was really good, and I'm a shitty film person for not seeing it, yet *bows head in shame*
  • From: The Artist To: All the pretentious, hipster, haters who a few months back loved me, but now that I have become too mainstream, dislike me immensely:

  •  Probably the last time seeing Uggie :[
  • People practically carrying Octavia to the stage. You knew you were going to win, girl, you couldn't of found a more practical gown (it was gorgeous though)
  • Maybe an unpopular but Cirque was amazing! I was entertained for the 2 minutes until Crystal came on to bore us some more.
  • The beautiful, classy, respectful "In Memorium" (cue in the "You forgot" so and so)
  • Winners making fun of Jolie's leg pop
  • Christopher Plummer being a class motherfucker
  • Jean Dujardin's win
  • The Artist for Best Picture and the million overused "Silence is Golden" usage afterwards

February 23, 2012

Interview with Writers Guild of America Member Dr. Steven Kussin: Screenings, Predictions and Plans For Sunday Night

As a member of the Writers Guild of America Dr. Steve Kussin gives his insight into the process of screening films, which films he feels deserves Sundays gold, and what he will be doing Sunday night.

Name:  Dr. Steven Kussin

Occupation: Adjunct Professor of Radio-TV-Film, Hofstra University

Explain how being in the Writers Guild allows you to screen award nominated films. What do you vote on? What film were you pleasantly surprised about and which ones were you not crazy about?

This is awards season: The Academy Awards....Screen Actors Guild... the Writers Guild of America--and others. As a member of the WGA, I try to view all the entries and then vote. Generally, our members vote on the "writing" aspect of the nominees. I felt it was a strong field this year. The films were very different. Need I say more about "The Artist" which I enjoyed on several counts. I felt that "The Help" captured an important era in our nation's history; I view it as a "prequel" to the Civil Rights movement. And "The Descendants" was a captivating family-in-crisis story, beautifully filmed. The other entries also had a great deal to offer as well. There was no problem coming up with a list of top pictures this year.

How many films did you see that are up for nomination for this Sundays Oscar? Which ones did you screen and which ones did you see in theaters?

 I got to see most of the films. Although it's convenient to see them home, it's very different when you see them on the wide screen and are part of a larger audience.

our Predictions: You can choose from any category you want (Best Actor, Film, Actress, Supporting,etc) Feel free to add whatever you want

Since these are not writing categories, I am commenting simply as an avid movie-goer, rather than a WGA member. I think that "The Help" will fare very well in all categories, particularly Best Actress and Supporting Actress. As I said above, "The Artist" was unique in every way. George Clooney, as well as his supporting cast, told a simple yet poignant family story. "Midnight in Paris" was one of Woody Allen's best efforts. It could go all the way. I think Meryl Streep may give Viola Davis a run for the money for best actress. As one critic said, she doesn't play the part-- she becomes the part. Although I didn't see Christopher Plummer's movie, I heard he was terrific.
It's interesting that this was the year of the French: Midnight in Paris, The Artist, Hugo.

What are your plans for Sunday?

We have a tradition on Oscar night:  send out for our favorite dinner -- and then plant ourselves in front of the television -- from the Red Carpet -- to the final award.  No e-mails, phone calls, or interruptions!  This is a very special night.  I've always been fascinated with just about every aspect of the movie business.

Kids Predict the 2012 Oscars

I love kids.

February 22, 2012

Project X: The High School Party You Wish You Had

For awhile now the posters for the upcoming Hangover baby, Project X, have been hanging all around my campus. The people here are excited for this film. Like, REALLY excited. Sandy Schaefer over at Screen Rant refers to the upcoming film as 'The Hangover' meets 'Cloverfield'. And dare I say it, even I'm excited for the film (I couldn't make the screening sadly.) For weeks the film has been showing at different colleges. All sectors of the college social demographics are talking about it, and honestly, I can't blame them. Check out the trailer alone:

Prediction: This film is going to go over well. And I don't mean with just kids my age.  I think Project X will become a success through word of mouth to the point where adults will even want to check it out. Because, let's be honest. Parents have no clue what goes on at their kids high school and college parties. Sure, they may think the worse thing would be alcohol and cigs, but I think this film will give a very candid view on what a real party can turn into (obviously not to the grand scale of Project X, but to a certain degree.)

The film has a lot of things going for it. The main characters are true underdogs with different identifiable personalities.  A director who has directed the 2 best party movies of our time (Todd Phillips who gave us Old School and The Hangover) and who knows what he's doing when it comes to frat party entertainment and humor. Also, we love when good things spin out of control. I foresee, this being one of the most epic films of the year.

February 20, 2012

The Men of This Means War: Who's Your Pick?

In the recently released film This Means War Resse Witherspoon has to choose the love of Chris Pine or Tom Hardy. When asked who would win the ultimate love smack down, I was surprised to see that the answers were almost split 50/50. After going through multiple fan forums and comments I compiled a brief overview on what makes these two so desirable.

Chris Pine: The Star Trek star has a lot of things going for him. Good looks, an admirable physique, and a steady career. The charming Pine has a lot of charm and charisma which any woman would be defenseless against. Also, the man has a wicked sense of humor. Many have said that the "Pinto" bromance with Zachary Quinto makes him 'adorable' and also a person who is loyal to their friends.

Tom Hardy: Recently dubbed the closest thing to Brando by one of Brando's friends, Tom Hardy has a lot going for him. Talent, passion, and that intensity that can be used when he's working with the likes of Gary Oldman or Christian Bale. The English actor is rough around the edges and has that mysterious rebel quality which females fall victim to at one point or another. He seems to have landed in the exclusive club of actors who are predicted to have shining careers in the near future.

Who is your pick?

February 16, 2012

Is It Time To Turn Off The Handy Cam?

I watched The Blair Witch Project about 2 years ago at a house party with a bunch of my high school girlfriends. The home was surrounded by a wooded area which made the room 10 times darker when dusk fell. It was a frightening experience and I remember sleeping with the lights on after watching the film. I had never seen this style of film making before and I was intrigued. The shots were so "real" and I felt like I was right in the woods with the doomed teens. I have asked many people recently and the consensus is that The Blair Witch Project is no longer considered "scary" comapred to the Paranormal films.
     In the past week I have seen 2 films with the "handy cam" style of filming ( Paranormal Activity and Chronicle.) Through these viewings I reflected back to The Blair Witch Project and wondered when these types of films started becoming so overdone. The main issue I have is the believeablity of films like Paranormal and Chronicle. Chronicle is a story about a troubled teen who develops powers that leads him to angst and destruction. The main idea is that he carries his camera around everywhere (hence the whole film being in the view of a "handy cam".) When scenes start becoming more and more intense, the idea that someone would be holding a hand held camera while shit starts hitting the fan just kills the suspension of belief. Same with Paranormal Activity. When Satan's demonic spawn is creeping around each corner, you bet your ass, that the last thing you would be thinking is "Wow, I hope I'm getting all of this for later!"
     Now, it's a totally different case when it comes to the upcoming teen party film Project X. This film about a party that becomes out of control can get away with using this style of filming. There's nothing strange about some one walking around a party with a camera, filming all the crazy shenanigans that ensue. The allusion of authenticity is not compromised in a story like Project X.
     I am not completely denouncing the once innovative method. I still think it's a very affective style of film making. However, with the Paranormal phenomenon still running rampant and new films releasing the same "handy cam" gimmick, I am growing a bit weary.

Sweets, Treats, and Brad Pitt's Buns: Recipe For a Successful Girls Night...

The ultimate girl's night happened a few days ago between me and my new roommates. I moved in with them about a week ago and I feel that this was a perfect bonding experience for all of us. We were dressed to the nines getting ready to go out to a frat party, till we discovered that it was freezing outside and it just wasn't worth the trip to and from. We then concocted a fun, intimate, girls night which can apply to anyone who just wants to have a night with the gals. Here is my recipe for the.... Troy/X-Men Sugar Coma Hero

The Food:

Personally, I feel that every get together needs to have at least one package of Oreos. Have a gallon of milk in the fridge for necessary dunking protocol. Don't wimp out and get the regular type of Oreos. Go double or go home.

You can't go wrong with with Little Debbie. Girl, knows how to produce the goods. We chose Honey Buns but may I suggest trying out the Oatmeal cookies? Delish!

The Films:

Look. Troy isn't a great film. I give it points for what it was trying to do, but in the end, it was just not good. All this being said, I love Troy. I'm contradicting myself, I know, but I watch it purely for the eye candy. I am not ashamed to say that I can appreciate Pitt's assets, Bana's pectorals, and Bloom's..um....pretty features? This is a good film for college chicks like us who just want to sit back and enjoy the view. Then there is X-Men: First Class. Honestly, this was just an excuse to watch Michael Fassbender. I regret nothing. Not only is it a good film (which balanced out the Troy's sub par quality) but it has all the components necessary for a great film. Action, good storyline,  and handsome men. What else can you ask for?

Check This Out: An Open Letter to the Worst Human Being to Ever Sit in a Theater

Read Drew McWeeny's article about his horrible experince at a screening of This Means War. Theatre etiquette 101, people.

An open letter to the worst human being to ever sit in a theater

February 13, 2012

Spotlight of the Day: Benedict Cumberbatch

Just realized that this is the 2nd Spotlight Post on an up and coming British actor. However, I feel Mr. Cumberbatch deserves one!

Name: Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch 
Birth Date: July 19, 1976
Birthplace: London, England
Breakout Role: Hard to say because the public in the UK have known of him for awhile. Seeing he's slowly being introduced to us here in the states, I would say that the success of Sherlock (which I am currently obsessed with) has given him a fan base followed by last years War Horse.

Why I Like Him: He is so intriguing. That voice! So deep and melodic. Next to Alan Rickman, he has that true deep British voice! He also is a very talented man who seems to be capable of playing a large range of roles (from his earlier works, he can play comedic roles very well!) Recently, he was in a stage version of Frankenstein with Johnny Lee Miller and he alternated between creature and Dr. Frankenstein! How many actors can do that and still display such raw emotions from 2 foil characters (and do it well?) I feel that he is not the usual flavor of the month. He is in the "Oldman Club of Acting" as I like to call it with Fassbender and Hardy. Completely dedicated to immerse themselves into the character. I have very high hopes for, Ben's career here in the United States. He has taken a very mainstream turn in his career and has taken on a villainous role in the new Star Trek.

Why I Worry: Honestly, I don't have much to worry about when it comes to Benedict Cumberbatch. I feel his talent makes him stand out from all the other British imports. He doesn't have to worry about being lost in the tidal wave of pretty boys, because Benedict is a very unique looking gentlemen who has stole many hearts and have converted few women into "Cumberbitches".

Streep Has a Cinderella Moment With Firth


And who says chivalry is dead? Seriously, Firth, can you stop being so wonderful, please?

February 7, 2012

Monroe: We're Over You Babe. Ideas for Possible New Biopics

 Monroe is dead. And when I say dead I mean in the sense that all these biopics and TV movies have milked the Monroe cow till it's very last drop. Can we just agree that Michelle Williams lovely performance in My Week With Marilyn is the final stop on the Monroe express and let her rest for awhile? Here are a few biopics that I would love to see on the silver screen (no, not TV movies) :

1. Clark Gable
Have you read his bio Long Live the King ? The mans life is so fascinating and it's a shame that not many people know of his work outside of Gone With the Wind. Casting wise people would immediatly think of George Clooney. Maybe too obvious of a choice. Not to pigeon hole Jean Dujardin but with his look I could see him playing Gable (however, there is the issue of the accent.)

2. Eartha Kitt
I love Eartha Kitt. The raw sex appeal she exuded was unmatachable and I feel that she deserves a biopic. She hobnobbed with some really powerful actors (like James Dean) and the woman was so talented. Personally, if I was casting I would look for an unknown and have a big star studded supporting cast. However, maybe Zoe Saldana, Thandie Newton, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, or Audra McDonald.

 3. Thomas Jefferson
The man was very interesting believe it or not. He had Monte Cello, took part in a great part of our countries history (and then there is that little thing with Sally Hemmings.) I think this founding father deserves his own biopic. I can see Fassbender pulling off the role. A fiery speech about freedom here, some stoney silence there. He could get his Oscar if it turned into a quality film. And Jefferson was a red head too, so you know....
Others People That Need To Get Their Own Films:
  • Humphrey Bogart
  • Bette Davis
  •  Ella Fitzgerald
  •  Oscar Wilde
  • Fay Wray 
  • Josephine Baker 

My Favorite Encounters of 2011

My favorite celebrity encounters of 2011

1. Angelina Jolie
 When I sat in on a private screening of In the Land of Blood and Honey for the Anderson show I was so eager to see Angelina. She has always been one of my favorites and I honestly didn't know how I would react when she arrived. I am usually very calm when it comes to meeting celebrities, but I must say that seeing Angelina was kind of a "star struck" moment for me. What most stood out to me was her poise. The woman is gorgeous and when she speaks you are completely transfixed.

2. Michael Fassbender
A great moment of 2011 was going to the NYFF and seeing Michael Fassbender and Steve McQueen. As you know I adore Michael. As an actor, as a person, I think he is prime. Michael was handsome and charming while  Steve was snarky, witty, and funny. The man is very passionate film making and I am curious to see his future projects (next up 12 Years a Slave) Here is the video I recorded:

3. Gary Oldman
 Witnessing Gary Oldman at Time Talks was absolutely divine. The man has a certain vibe about him the is contagious. When he speaks you hang on his every word. He talked about his work and a little about Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy which was opening soon. My favorite part of the night was Gary's purple socks. Truly epic.

4. Daniel Radcliffe
 I was lucky to see Daniel twice in "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" and he is just phenomenal. He is not the strongest singer, but the boy has stamina and he always gives 100%.

February 5, 2012

Going to See "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" This Week

I'm on the late freight. However, I'm going to be seeing tomorrow this week. Review later on this week. Hopefully. I won't be disappointment =}

"Les Infideles" Is Not a "Norbit" Sized Problem

Sorry for the long delay. Got very sick and it was a hot mess. However, I spent time thinking about what this post should be about and I started to think about the little issue with Jean Dujardin. As you remember, Jean is now a force to be reckoned with after his surprising win at SAGs. When it comes to campaigning, it's best if the actor displays themselves in a positive light. Actors are just like politicians. Smiling for the cameras, kissing a few babies, schmoozing, and making sure that their name will be on the ballot for voting day. Pitt and Clooney did Inside the Actors Studio while Jean has been making appearances at important events for The Artist (Oldman has been campaigning very quietly but it could be lethal.)
Now it seems like Jean may have pulled a tiny Norbit. This poster for his upcoming film was released last week (and then taken down.) Apparently, there were so many complaints that they decided to pull the posters. Pardon my asking, but are the people complaining French? I mean really, why is a country which is so liberated sexually, pulling an ad like this?  It really surprises me that a risque poster is being taken down for it's sexual content. That's something that we prudes here in the US would do.  Here is an interesting post from a poster on Moviefone:

hello.i'm a french woman,35 years old and as many others i think these posters are funny.you have to take it for the 1 degre.in france we have a problem with some women...th
­ese posters are funny, the film talks : machismo, the ego masculin.i­n France we have a problem with a group of feminists who 's now offended about everything and nothing, manhandlin­g those who do not agree with them group..i am a woman, I 'm assuming and I assume my way of life. I 'am tired of dicktat a handful.in tv there are advertisem­ents who are degrading for the woman.why by ex show a naked woman to sell a yogurt? for the film : Here it is humor, irony .

This controversial incident has people wondering if this will be a road block in DuJardin's quest to the gold. What some people don't know is that in France Jean is considered a comedian. From his interviews it seems like he could never be taken seriously as an actor (he says that people called his face "too expressive.") The Artist is truly a huge accomplishment for his career. Personally, I do not feel that this will hinder his chances. This is not a Norbit sized issue. I'm sure his competitors are hoping that this will be a wrench in The Artist machine, but I say it's only a minor blimp.