February 26, 2012

Post-Oscar Haze Key Points

Well, that's it. The 2011 award season is officially over. The ceremony was dull at best with safe choice Billy Crystal trying to steer the evenings ship to a comfortable dock. One can only wonder what would've happened if Brett Ratner kept his mouth shut and Eddie Murphy ended up hosting.
  • Celeb body parts being the object of attention. J.Lo's nip slip and Jolie's leg already have a strong twitter following HERE and HERE
  • Billy Crystal got a great dye job 
  • The Scorsese drinking game still lives on (and we love it)
  • A total Meryl shock. I love a good surprise, but let's be honest, you were silly if you completely brushed off the force of the Streep. She's got Harvey on her side.
  • Apparently, Hugo was really good, and I'm a shitty film person for not seeing it, yet *bows head in shame*
  • From: The Artist To: All the pretentious, hipster, haters who a few months back loved me, but now that I have become too mainstream, dislike me immensely:

  •  Probably the last time seeing Uggie :[
  • People practically carrying Octavia to the stage. You knew you were going to win, girl, you couldn't of found a more practical gown (it was gorgeous though)
  • Maybe an unpopular but Cirque was amazing! I was entertained for the 2 minutes until Crystal came on to bore us some more.
  • The beautiful, classy, respectful "In Memorium" (cue in the "You forgot" so and so)
  • Winners making fun of Jolie's leg pop
  • Christopher Plummer being a class motherfucker
  • Jean Dujardin's win
  • The Artist for Best Picture and the million overused "Silence is Golden" usage afterwards

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