February 13, 2012

Spotlight of the Day: Benedict Cumberbatch

Just realized that this is the 2nd Spotlight Post on an up and coming British actor. However, I feel Mr. Cumberbatch deserves one!

Name: Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch 
Birth Date: July 19, 1976
Birthplace: London, England
Breakout Role: Hard to say because the public in the UK have known of him for awhile. Seeing he's slowly being introduced to us here in the states, I would say that the success of Sherlock (which I am currently obsessed with) has given him a fan base followed by last years War Horse.

Why I Like Him: He is so intriguing. That voice! So deep and melodic. Next to Alan Rickman, he has that true deep British voice! He also is a very talented man who seems to be capable of playing a large range of roles (from his earlier works, he can play comedic roles very well!) Recently, he was in a stage version of Frankenstein with Johnny Lee Miller and he alternated between creature and Dr. Frankenstein! How many actors can do that and still display such raw emotions from 2 foil characters (and do it well?) I feel that he is not the usual flavor of the month. He is in the "Oldman Club of Acting" as I like to call it with Fassbender and Hardy. Completely dedicated to immerse themselves into the character. I have very high hopes for, Ben's career here in the United States. He has taken a very mainstream turn in his career and has taken on a villainous role in the new Star Trek.

Why I Worry: Honestly, I don't have much to worry about when it comes to Benedict Cumberbatch. I feel his talent makes him stand out from all the other British imports. He doesn't have to worry about being lost in the tidal wave of pretty boys, because Benedict is a very unique looking gentlemen who has stole many hearts and have converted few women into "Cumberbitches".

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