February 5, 2012

"Les Infideles" Is Not a "Norbit" Sized Problem

Sorry for the long delay. Got very sick and it was a hot mess. However, I spent time thinking about what this post should be about and I started to think about the little issue with Jean Dujardin. As you remember, Jean is now a force to be reckoned with after his surprising win at SAGs. When it comes to campaigning, it's best if the actor displays themselves in a positive light. Actors are just like politicians. Smiling for the cameras, kissing a few babies, schmoozing, and making sure that their name will be on the ballot for voting day. Pitt and Clooney did Inside the Actors Studio while Jean has been making appearances at important events for The Artist (Oldman has been campaigning very quietly but it could be lethal.)
Now it seems like Jean may have pulled a tiny Norbit. This poster for his upcoming film was released last week (and then taken down.) Apparently, there were so many complaints that they decided to pull the posters. Pardon my asking, but are the people complaining French? I mean really, why is a country which is so liberated sexually, pulling an ad like this?  It really surprises me that a risque poster is being taken down for it's sexual content. That's something that we prudes here in the US would do.  Here is an interesting post from a poster on Moviefone:

hello.i'm a french woman,35 years old and as many others i think these posters are funny.you have to take it for the 1 degre.in france we have a problem with some women...th
­ese posters are funny, the film talks : machismo, the ego masculin.i­n France we have a problem with a group of feminists who 's now offended about everything and nothing, manhandlin­g those who do not agree with them group..i am a woman, I 'm assuming and I assume my way of life. I 'am tired of dicktat a handful.in tv there are advertisem­ents who are degrading for the woman.why by ex show a naked woman to sell a yogurt? for the film : Here it is humor, irony .

This controversial incident has people wondering if this will be a road block in DuJardin's quest to the gold. What some people don't know is that in France Jean is considered a comedian. From his interviews it seems like he could never be taken seriously as an actor (he says that people called his face "too expressive.") The Artist is truly a huge accomplishment for his career. Personally, I do not feel that this will hinder his chances. This is not a Norbit sized issue. I'm sure his competitors are hoping that this will be a wrench in The Artist machine, but I say it's only a minor blimp.

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  1. i hope this does not hinder his success, but he sure does look fine in this poster lol