January 30, 2012

The Oscars Is Going To Be a Free For All.....

And when I say free for all I mean that at this point the Oscars is anyone's game. Even Pitt is keeping his campaigning consistent because as shown at last nights SAG awards, there are very few guranteed winners. Sure, we can safely predict Octavia and Plummer for their supporting roles, but Clooney isn't safe and neither is Viola. After regaining her momentum after Streep's win at the Golden Globes, Viola (in a gorgeous Greecian dress I may add) accepted her award in another well rehearsed speech (it was a good night for "Team Help"). But the story isn't about Davis trumping Streep. It was the Best Actor win going to DuJardin for The Artist. He  was speechless. I was speechless. Everyone was speechless. I loved that he won because now the Oscar race is so unpredictable. The Golden Globes was by the foreign press, but the SAGs is by fellow actors. And history has shown that the SAGs is a good indication for the Oscars.  I would love it if the 2nd underdog (the first being Demi├ín Bichir in "A Better Life") Jean to take the gold. As you know from my last post, I adored The Artist and personally I am tired of, as the ladies over at Reel Talker said. "The Year of King George". As for Viola, I adore her, but I wouldn't mind to see Streep take it. The woman was flawless as Thatcher. I will be keeping my eyes open for the heavy campaigning for the next few weeks. Oscar 2012 is going to be interesting (or possibly a predictable bore.)

January 28, 2012

Silence Is Truly Golden. The Artist Review

There are so many "Try Hard Movies" out right now for Oscar season. When I say "Try Hard" I mean films who you can just tell are gunning for that Gold. For me, J. Edgar is a try hard film. War Horse is a try hard film. Movies that are groomed and bred to look nice and pretty for the award season from the very beginning. Then there are films like The Artist whose big success was not planned or prepped. This light hearted film was absolutely lovely. Nothing too heavy, yet not so happy and care free. Thanks to my mother, I have always been a fan of the old black and white films. Bette Davis, Clark Gable, Joan Crawford, etc. I have had a soft spot for old movies since I was young. The Artist brought back a charm that has been long gone from the movie industry (and funny enough carried by one of the most modern mainstream film production companies today, The Weinstein Company.) I liked the film a lot. It def. deserves to be nominated for Best Picture and deserves to win (next to Midnight in Paris. They won't win, however, and that is a shame.) When I see a film like The Artist up for an Oscar I just shake my head because it's competing against films that don't, in my opnion, deserve to have the title of Best Picture of 2012 (yeah, I'm looking at you Moneyball and Extremly Loud and Incredibly Close.) Cheers to Dujardin and Bejo whose performances carried the film and bought the magic of the 20's cinema to life. I hope to see more of them. Hell! Can we give Uggie the Dog an Oscar? She/He's retiring anyways! Uggie 2012!

The Oscar Nominations 2012: Year of the Snub

I know I am super late, but this week has been crazy. The Oscar nominations was a pisser. Granted there were films and people who deserved very much to be nominated. However, it's safe to say that this is def. the year of the snub. I'm not going to get into how much I wish the Academy would get over their inferiority complex and nominate Fassbender or how they could've possibly ignored Tilda (and then there is the whole Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close issue.) I will be blogging about the SAGs tomorrow and then the BAFTAs and then make my final predictions.

Watching Old School "Annie" Right Now

Here is a picture of my friends and I watching Annie. It's so much fun watching this with friends (especially when one of those friends is a Ginger.) Quotes like "This drunk, bitch, needs to get her life together," makes this sad pitiful Saturday so much better. It's nice to see Carol Burnett, Tim Curry, and Bernadette Peters playing such outrageous characters. If  they do an updated version of the movie here is who I would cast:
Lindsay Lohan as Ms. Hannigan

Disclaimer: Why would Lindsay be perfect for Mrs. Hannigan? 
1. They both have no business taking care of children
2. Sexually promiscuous
3. Drunk
4. Hot Mess

My ginger friend Natalia Dutt will play Annie (You can follow her blog at Simply Natalia)

As for the rest of the cast ....

Liam Neeson as Daddy Warbucks

Will Ferrell as Rooster

Emma Stone as Lilly

Rachel Weisz as Grace

January 23, 2012

Newsweek's Oscar Roundtable

Cheeky banter, Fassbender's Bloody Mary's, Theron's dirty mouth, George's Kentucky accent, and Viola's brilliance. This is what you get from Newsweek's Oscar Roundtable (they are actually in sort of a triangle, but whatevs....) This was actually very good. I adore Tilda and admired Viola's views on black actresses and film roles (you are so much better than Halle Berry, Viola!) Clooney loves to hear himself talk, but he is charming as usual and I sense a new found bromance with him and Fassbender. Plummer is so handsome. I still remember him as the dashing Von Trapp from the Sound of Music (Side Note: Doesn't young Plummer and Fassbender look eerily similar....?)

Enjoy the talent:


I'm either going to be really happy or really pissed off. Stay tuned....

Brief Review: Moneyball- All The Numbers, No Depth

I have never been one for Sport flicks. I find them to follow a formula which become monotnous. The underdogs are laughing stocks. They are assigned a coach who goes against the grain. They start doing well and then there is the classic "Big Game" finale where they either win to sweeten the end or lose which will lead to a lesson about life. Either way, I don't find it terribly interesting.

The thing about Moneyball is that it isn't a bad movie. On the contrary I found it interesting. Learning about the statistics, satisfied my inner nerd and I was intrigued. However, that's all it was. Numbers. It felt almsot mechanic. Numbers, stats, this, and that. There was no real depth.

I can't pin point my feelings on Pitt. On paper he did well. He played the character and the he conveyed emotions that were very touching ( I loved the scenes with his daughter. Can't you totally see him talking like that with his kids?) However, I can't shake the idea that Pitt was playing...well Pitt. Granted, this type of character wasn't neurotic like his Tyler Durdan or charming like his Tristan. However, the character didn't seem like a real stretch for Pitt. No, he was playing a regular, Joe. His destined nomination for an Oscar is questionable at best.

I was happy to see Jonah Hill play a serious role. His drastic weight loss is changing his image from funny fat guy to more established actor. I like it. I think he's the type of actor who can play both ends of the field (no pun intended)

Overall, I enjoyed Moneyball. I do suggest that you don't see this half asleep (unless you want to fall asleep to the soft drone of numbers and the sound of bat hitting baseball..) The film won't be for everyone and in my opinion, it does not deserve to be nominated for a Best Film. A solid movie, but nothing spectacular.

January 18, 2012

Losing Johnny?

There was a time when it was hard press to find any real flaws with Johnny Depp. Pirates of the Caribbean (the first and only good one) had been released and he was plucked from obscurity and back into the public eye. He was introduced to a new generation who fawned over his high cheekbones and beautiful features.

The one thing that made Johnny stand out from the status quo was his need for privacy and his reclusive life in France with his French partner Vanessa and their 2 children. He was intriguing and their was an air of mystery about him that made us love him.

It has been 9 years since the first Pirates of the Caribbean and Johnny has completed about 15 films. He still remains one of the most well paid actors and his popularity is higher than most. However, I have to wonder. With several box office bombs, some recent controversial magazine comments, and recent reports of turbulence in the Depp/Paradis relationship, has the mystical magical Johnny Depp lost his luster?

Johnny had an almost pristine image after Pirates. Every comment he made was deemed insightful and deep--even downright poetic. His rare appearances at big events caused much frenzy and he would walk down the red carpet with his eclectic bracelets and his colored scarves. So cool! Look! He doesn't even care about these Hollywood mainstream types. He's doing us the favor of gracing us with his presence. Depp was untouchable.

 Now, it seems like Johnny is becoming sort of a joke and his image is slowly showing a few cracks. The cracks started to show when Johnny first started doing press for The Rum Diary. His interviews, in various magazines started to sound pretentious and many wondered if the humble Johnny Depp was becoming a little too high and mighty. And then there was that comment he made in Vanity Fair where he compared being pap'd to being "raped". The next day he released a statement apologizing for his words. This was shocking for many because Depp was the LAST person you would think would make such a careless comment.

And then add on the flops of The Tourist and The Rum Diary, one has to wonder if Depp can carry a film anymore. How long can he ride the Burton train and play opposite Helena Bonham? In my opinion, it's already becoming a joke.

I love Johnny. I really do. Some may roll their eyes at his quasi boho chic lifestyle with the french reclusiveness and the wine sipping. I find it endearing. I want to see him rise back to where he was 9 years ago. I want him to have another massive hit under his belt and not these Pirate sequels. Is this just wishful thinking? Has the Depp ship sailed?

The 365 Day Film Challenge #6-11

365 Film Challenge: 6/365- Devil
1/2 ☆
Horror movies are not really my cup of tea. I get scared pretty easily don’t get me wrong. However, now that I’m older I have been able to predict cop out scare tactics. So, as you can guess Devil is pretty predictable at some parts (okay most parts) I know they were  trying to have some meaningful message in this, but am I REALLY supposed to believe that the devil chooses 5 random bad people and takes them out in an elevator? If your into those jump scare films then maybe you might be entertained by this but I was rolling my eyes when it was over.

365 Film Challenge: 7/365- It’s Complicated

I’m not big on romantic comedies. I be damned if Aniston, J.Lo, or Hudson gets my $9 to see their crappy RomComs. However, this was such a rich, smart, romantic comedy. First of all, HOLY SCENERY! The house in the movie is my dream home and that is my dream life. The film was clever, witty and there were some really funny moments. Streep is divine obviously and even Baldwin worked well with her. What can I say? I really liked it!

365 Film Challenge: 8/365- American Psycho

So…..wow. I just finished this so I haven’t got my bearings straight, but DAAAAAAMMMMMNNN! Like this was such a crazy movie. I am so mind fucked that my head hurts (No, seriously my head is hurting, I’m that stressed) This movie scared me more than Devil. The idea, that any normal looking person who can blend in and put on a facade can be a complete psycho is FREAKY. Ugh, it makes you think. That being said this is such a good film. I don’t know how I feel about a remake (I mean 12 years isn’t that long.) Christian Bale is so handsome, but I could not even admire his physical appearance because GOD he was so twisted (side note: His “Hip to Be Square” dance cracked me up.) Very good film. Loved it! Now I shall sleep tonight with the light on….

365 Film Challenge: 9/365- The Illusionist

Gah. Where do I even start? I loved The Triplets of Belleville and that kind of animation so I was very excited to see this. Just beautiful. I was tearing up at the end. It’s amazing how a film with practically no dialogue can be so breathtaking and rich. I wish more people here in the States would see it and appreciate the beauty.

365 Film Challenge: 10/365- Chloe
★ 1/2 
This movie was the Black Swan before Black Swan. Psychosexual thriller, really. I wasn’t really into it that much. Watching Amanda Seyfried seduce Julianne Moore  was just weird. Her eyes freak me out (she’s gorgeous though) Beautiful cinematography but it did nothing for me. Meh. I don’t have much to say about it.

365 Film Challenge: 11/365- Independence Day
Since this an old film, it doesn’t compare to these new “end of the world” films. However, I can appreciate how bad ass this film was probably considered back in 1996. Of course, Will Smith would be the one to save all of humanity from aliens :P

January 17, 2012

The NYC Film Chick's Best & Worst Dressed: Golden Globes 2012

Best Dressed

Viola Davis

Charlize Theron

Kate Beckinsale

Nicole Kidman

Paula Patton

Evan Rachel Wood

Hedi Klum

Worst Dressed

Lea Michele

Mila Kunis

Jessica Chastain

Connie Britton

Julianna Margulies

Recap: Golden Globes 2012- WORST

Here is my list of worst moments at the Golden Globes:

Worst Technical Fail: Lowe and Moore Struggling w/ Teleprompter
You know some poor teleprompter guy got the lashing of his life for messing up the prompter for Julianne Moore and Rob Lowe. Luckily, a script girl was on the ball and gave Moore a script to read off of. This gave Lowe a very witty comeback about cold reading for Spielberg. Nice save.

Worst 2nd Time Around: Ricky Gervais 

Oh, Ricky. Poor Ricky. They cut those titanium balls that I was talking about off, didn't  they? Yes, they hyped up your 2nd time hosting the Golden Globes so well. We were all excited to see who  would be your newest victims. Not knowing behind the scenes that you had, had your wings clipped and barely had any air time. And when you did have air time, well, let's just say you you gave some soft blows. When Seth Rogan can match your racy/awkward jokes then you have a problem. Now I'm not saying it's all your fault. I'm sure that you had a lot of big wigs breathing down your neck. But I expected more from you, bud.

Worst Attention For Underrated Actors: Michael Fassbender & Idris Elba

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. E! interviewed all the Best Actor nominees present BUT Fassbender. But don't worry they made time to fit in half the cast of Glee and the children of Modern Family (I'm sure if the cute little asian baby was there they would've interviewed her too.)  I understand that a good amount of their demographic are prebuescent teens who salvate over "Robsten" or/and the annoingly chipper Glee cast. But come on! How about the rest of us! Granted Michael is a newcomer, but you could've squeezed him in. Lord, knows he was there for awhile. And people not knowing who the talented and handsome Idris Elba is online!? Ugh. It's a shame.

Worst Introduction: Gervais's introducing Melissa "defecating" in a sink
Ricky introduced Melissa McCarthy as the chick who defecated in the sink for "Bridesmaid." How awkward is that? I mean who wants to come out right after someone says that? And even worse who wants to come out to that PLUS standing next to statuesque Paula Patton. That was just mean.

Worst "Forever Alone": Leonardo DiCaprio
Leo is Leo. He is in the A-list with Clooney and Pitt. However, with Clooney charming the room and Pitt having his other half to make them the super couple,  little Leo seemed like an outsider looking in. Very rarely did I catch him crack a smile and throughout the event he got no acknowledgement for J.Edgar. Even when Clooney was doing his speech he didn't even give a shot out to Leo (not like he had too, but still.) It seemed like being a contender with the least chance of winning (next to Gosling and Fassbender) made him look a little lonely.

Worst "Calm Down!": Paula Patton
I don't know how I feel about Paula Patton. My mother adores her. I can take her or leave. I like her husband more than her (Ello' Robin!) I have also been on the fence about her acting as well. Her part in Ghost Protocall felt so forced in my opinion, but it seems like I am in the minority. Anyways, her bright yellow dress described her at the Golden Globes. Big, bold, and in your face. Girlfriend was way too excited and way too peppy. I can understand that it is a huge event, but she was just too much. And didn't it seem like she was EVERYWHERE! Every shot--she was in. Maybe it's the color of her dress that drew my attention, maybe it was where she was seated, or maybe she was trying to place herself in every camera angle. All I know that I was Patton'd out.

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