January 18, 2012

The 365 Day Film Challenge #6-11

365 Film Challenge: 6/365- Devil
1/2 ☆
Horror movies are not really my cup of tea. I get scared pretty easily don’t get me wrong. However, now that I’m older I have been able to predict cop out scare tactics. So, as you can guess Devil is pretty predictable at some parts (okay most parts) I know they were  trying to have some meaningful message in this, but am I REALLY supposed to believe that the devil chooses 5 random bad people and takes them out in an elevator? If your into those jump scare films then maybe you might be entertained by this but I was rolling my eyes when it was over.

365 Film Challenge: 7/365- It’s Complicated

I’m not big on romantic comedies. I be damned if Aniston, J.Lo, or Hudson gets my $9 to see their crappy RomComs. However, this was such a rich, smart, romantic comedy. First of all, HOLY SCENERY! The house in the movie is my dream home and that is my dream life. The film was clever, witty and there were some really funny moments. Streep is divine obviously and even Baldwin worked well with her. What can I say? I really liked it!

365 Film Challenge: 8/365- American Psycho

So…..wow. I just finished this so I haven’t got my bearings straight, but DAAAAAAMMMMMNNN! Like this was such a crazy movie. I am so mind fucked that my head hurts (No, seriously my head is hurting, I’m that stressed) This movie scared me more than Devil. The idea, that any normal looking person who can blend in and put on a facade can be a complete psycho is FREAKY. Ugh, it makes you think. That being said this is such a good film. I don’t know how I feel about a remake (I mean 12 years isn’t that long.) Christian Bale is so handsome, but I could not even admire his physical appearance because GOD he was so twisted (side note: His “Hip to Be Square” dance cracked me up.) Very good film. Loved it! Now I shall sleep tonight with the light on….

365 Film Challenge: 9/365- The Illusionist

Gah. Where do I even start? I loved The Triplets of Belleville and that kind of animation so I was very excited to see this. Just beautiful. I was tearing up at the end. It’s amazing how a film with practically no dialogue can be so breathtaking and rich. I wish more people here in the States would see it and appreciate the beauty.

365 Film Challenge: 10/365- Chloe
★ 1/2 
This movie was the Black Swan before Black Swan. Psychosexual thriller, really. I wasn’t really into it that much. Watching Amanda Seyfried seduce Julianne Moore  was just weird. Her eyes freak me out (she’s gorgeous though) Beautiful cinematography but it did nothing for me. Meh. I don’t have much to say about it.

365 Film Challenge: 11/365- Independence Day
Since this an old film, it doesn’t compare to these new “end of the world” films. However, I can appreciate how bad ass this film was probably considered back in 1996. Of course, Will Smith would be the one to save all of humanity from aliens :P

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