January 17, 2012

Recap: Golden Globes 2012- THE BEST

Did Clooney seriously arrive on the Red Carpet early!? I mean he was on that carpet with the C and B list and not making a big grand entrance like the Brange. What da what?

Yes, there were a few surprises at Sundays Golden Globes. For the most part the winners were pretty predictable. Several of my predictions were wrong, but those were the ones I wasn't sure about so I wasn't surprised. However, there were some great moments (and not so great moments.) I will post my best and worst dressed later but here are my BEST highlights.

 Best Surprise: Meryl Winning For Iron Lady:
Did anyone see that one coming? It honestly seemed like The Help would get their award recognition through Octavia and Viola. However, the Lady Streep was the surprise winner and gave a very frantic and briefly explicit speech (which involved "Oh Shit! My glasses," and a hilarious game of pass the glasses between Weinstien and Clooney.) I was not crazy about The Iron Lady (which is a pity, because Abi Morgan wrote the screenplay and I am a fan of her collabortation with Steve McQueen for Shame) however, there is no arguing that Streep's transformation into Magaret Thatcher is uncanny and pitch perfect. This was such a pleasant surprise and honestly, isn't it time to give the woman her Oscar?

Best Surprise Joke: Seth Rogan and Kate Beckinsale:
"Hello, I'm Seth Rogen, and I'm currently trying to conceal a massive erection."Was it awkward? Yes.  Was it hilarious? Oh yeah. Because with Gervais's lack of air time and soft punched jokes, I was praying for someone to rattle the cage a bit.  And hey, Kate is hot :P

Best "I Am the Best" Speech/ Bitch Face Moment:
If looks could kill, huh? Sir Elton John was not thrilled that Madonna walked away with the GG (in fact it looked like Mary J was giving her the bitch gaze too.) Madonna and Elton have not had the best relationship, and her win on Sunday is probably not going to help things. Honestly, who really feels that Madonna should've won? Compared to all the other great songs, HERS was the best? Or maybe it's due to her overly hyped appearance. Her speech was absolute hilarious. All I heard was "I"s and "Me"s and it just solidified my belief that this was just a vanity project for La Madonna and nothing more.

Best Shoutout About Another Dudes Wang: George Clooney and Michael Fassbender:
I adore Michael Fassbender. In my opinion he should win all the awards for his work in Shame. Since, I have accepted a long time ago, that he would not win the big awards like the Golden Globes and the Oscar, I just appreciated watching him (in a very ill fitted suit) walk the red carpet. So proud! However, I did not expect Clooney to take time to compliment Michael's brave full frontal debut and his massive package! "You can play golf with that thing!" Oh. wow.  Michael Fassbender's manhood matches his very big talent (if you've seen Shame, you know) So, I couldn't help but yell an "Oh My God!" as Michael Fassbender turned red and grinned in amused embarrassment. Was it tacky? Yes, but this is why Clooney is the master. Did you notice that his Thank Yous only stemmed to his buddy Brad Pitt and newcomer Michael Fassbender and not Leo Dicaprio  and Ryan Gosling (a guy who was even in his own movie?) He kept his thank yous strictly in the Fox Searchlight family (His Descendents, Pitt's Tree of Life, and Michael's Shame.) Please don't tell me that was a coincidence. It's not. Clooney is a master Hollywood player. That's why I love him. And hey! He gave the best exposure to Michael and his movie. So in the end no harm no foul.

Best Ricky Retaliation: Colin Firth
Dear Madonna, this is how you comeback at Ricky. After calling the well liked Colin Firth a "racist," Colin gives his fellow Brit a playful fake kick and starts off by saying "As I was on my way in, I noticed some angry religious people outside with big placards threatening us all with brimstone, pestilence and perdition for our sins. What they don't realize is we have Ricky!" Hilarious. That's why we love you, Colin.

Special Mentions:

Uggy the Dog

Tina Fey's awesome photo bombing 

  William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman's duet: "It's an honor to be nominated, blah blah blah blah."

Sidney Potier

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