January 17, 2012

Recap: Golden Globes 2012- WORST

Here is my list of worst moments at the Golden Globes:

Worst Technical Fail: Lowe and Moore Struggling w/ Teleprompter
You know some poor teleprompter guy got the lashing of his life for messing up the prompter for Julianne Moore and Rob Lowe. Luckily, a script girl was on the ball and gave Moore a script to read off of. This gave Lowe a very witty comeback about cold reading for Spielberg. Nice save.

Worst 2nd Time Around: Ricky Gervais 

Oh, Ricky. Poor Ricky. They cut those titanium balls that I was talking about off, didn't  they? Yes, they hyped up your 2nd time hosting the Golden Globes so well. We were all excited to see who  would be your newest victims. Not knowing behind the scenes that you had, had your wings clipped and barely had any air time. And when you did have air time, well, let's just say you you gave some soft blows. When Seth Rogan can match your racy/awkward jokes then you have a problem. Now I'm not saying it's all your fault. I'm sure that you had a lot of big wigs breathing down your neck. But I expected more from you, bud.

Worst Attention For Underrated Actors: Michael Fassbender & Idris Elba

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. E! interviewed all the Best Actor nominees present BUT Fassbender. But don't worry they made time to fit in half the cast of Glee and the children of Modern Family (I'm sure if the cute little asian baby was there they would've interviewed her too.)  I understand that a good amount of their demographic are prebuescent teens who salvate over "Robsten" or/and the annoingly chipper Glee cast. But come on! How about the rest of us! Granted Michael is a newcomer, but you could've squeezed him in. Lord, knows he was there for awhile. And people not knowing who the talented and handsome Idris Elba is online!? Ugh. It's a shame.

Worst Introduction: Gervais's introducing Melissa "defecating" in a sink
Ricky introduced Melissa McCarthy as the chick who defecated in the sink for "Bridesmaid." How awkward is that? I mean who wants to come out right after someone says that? And even worse who wants to come out to that PLUS standing next to statuesque Paula Patton. That was just mean.

Worst "Forever Alone": Leonardo DiCaprio
Leo is Leo. He is in the A-list with Clooney and Pitt. However, with Clooney charming the room and Pitt having his other half to make them the super couple,  little Leo seemed like an outsider looking in. Very rarely did I catch him crack a smile and throughout the event he got no acknowledgement for J.Edgar. Even when Clooney was doing his speech he didn't even give a shot out to Leo (not like he had too, but still.) It seemed like being a contender with the least chance of winning (next to Gosling and Fassbender) made him look a little lonely.

Worst "Calm Down!": Paula Patton
I don't know how I feel about Paula Patton. My mother adores her. I can take her or leave. I like her husband more than her (Ello' Robin!) I have also been on the fence about her acting as well. Her part in Ghost Protocall felt so forced in my opinion, but it seems like I am in the minority. Anyways, her bright yellow dress described her at the Golden Globes. Big, bold, and in your face. Girlfriend was way too excited and way too peppy. I can understand that it is a huge event, but she was just too much. And didn't it seem like she was EVERYWHERE! Every shot--she was in. Maybe it's the color of her dress that drew my attention, maybe it was where she was seated, or maybe she was trying to place herself in every camera angle. All I know that I was Patton'd out.

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  1. hey! i like paula patton and would have acted the SAME way! and i liked gervais too...fassbender got SHAFTED! and, yes, why focus on the 5,000 cast members of glee and not idris elba or michael fassbender. FAIL!