January 18, 2012

Losing Johnny?

There was a time when it was hard press to find any real flaws with Johnny Depp. Pirates of the Caribbean (the first and only good one) had been released and he was plucked from obscurity and back into the public eye. He was introduced to a new generation who fawned over his high cheekbones and beautiful features.

The one thing that made Johnny stand out from the status quo was his need for privacy and his reclusive life in France with his French partner Vanessa and their 2 children. He was intriguing and their was an air of mystery about him that made us love him.

It has been 9 years since the first Pirates of the Caribbean and Johnny has completed about 15 films. He still remains one of the most well paid actors and his popularity is higher than most. However, I have to wonder. With several box office bombs, some recent controversial magazine comments, and recent reports of turbulence in the Depp/Paradis relationship, has the mystical magical Johnny Depp lost his luster?

Johnny had an almost pristine image after Pirates. Every comment he made was deemed insightful and deep--even downright poetic. His rare appearances at big events caused much frenzy and he would walk down the red carpet with his eclectic bracelets and his colored scarves. So cool! Look! He doesn't even care about these Hollywood mainstream types. He's doing us the favor of gracing us with his presence. Depp was untouchable.

 Now, it seems like Johnny is becoming sort of a joke and his image is slowly showing a few cracks. The cracks started to show when Johnny first started doing press for The Rum Diary. His interviews, in various magazines started to sound pretentious and many wondered if the humble Johnny Depp was becoming a little too high and mighty. And then there was that comment he made in Vanity Fair where he compared being pap'd to being "raped". The next day he released a statement apologizing for his words. This was shocking for many because Depp was the LAST person you would think would make such a careless comment.

And then add on the flops of The Tourist and The Rum Diary, one has to wonder if Depp can carry a film anymore. How long can he ride the Burton train and play opposite Helena Bonham? In my opinion, it's already becoming a joke.

I love Johnny. I really do. Some may roll their eyes at his quasi boho chic lifestyle with the french reclusiveness and the wine sipping. I find it endearing. I want to see him rise back to where he was 9 years ago. I want him to have another massive hit under his belt and not these Pirate sequels. Is this just wishful thinking? Has the Depp ship sailed?

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