January 28, 2012

Silence Is Truly Golden. The Artist Review

There are so many "Try Hard Movies" out right now for Oscar season. When I say "Try Hard" I mean films who you can just tell are gunning for that Gold. For me, J. Edgar is a try hard film. War Horse is a try hard film. Movies that are groomed and bred to look nice and pretty for the award season from the very beginning. Then there are films like The Artist whose big success was not planned or prepped. This light hearted film was absolutely lovely. Nothing too heavy, yet not so happy and care free. Thanks to my mother, I have always been a fan of the old black and white films. Bette Davis, Clark Gable, Joan Crawford, etc. I have had a soft spot for old movies since I was young. The Artist brought back a charm that has been long gone from the movie industry (and funny enough carried by one of the most modern mainstream film production companies today, The Weinstein Company.) I liked the film a lot. It def. deserves to be nominated for Best Picture and deserves to win (next to Midnight in Paris. They won't win, however, and that is a shame.) When I see a film like The Artist up for an Oscar I just shake my head because it's competing against films that don't, in my opnion, deserve to have the title of Best Picture of 2012 (yeah, I'm looking at you Moneyball and Extremly Loud and Incredibly Close.) Cheers to Dujardin and Bejo whose performances carried the film and bought the magic of the 20's cinema to life. I hope to see more of them. Hell! Can we give Uggie the Dog an Oscar? She/He's retiring anyways! Uggie 2012!

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