January 11, 2012

Pitt and Clooney: Lose the Cool, Win the Gold?

Just like politicians, actors and actresses, campaign during award season. They may make appearances and conduct  interviews which will get them that leg up in the competition. It's rough, it's vicious, it's the Oscar race!

This year, the 2 contenders who will most likely get the coveted nominations slot are Hollywood heavy weights Brad Pitt and George Clooney. These men have stood the test of time and have elevated themselves to full blown A-list status. The notorious chums, will be battling head to head for the Oscar and they are pulling all the stops to make sure they are locked in. Unlike fellow competitors like Fassbender or Dujardin who are new comers to the Hollywood elite, Brad and George have built a reputation and have no problem rallying votes for their roles in The Descendents and Moneyball.

However, are their efforts becoming a little...well, pathetic? 

I know what is wrong with me? How could I ever imply that the suave Salt n Pepper haired Clooney and the Midwest charmed Brad Pitt could ever be pathetic? When I was looking through  multiple forums I ran upon this post. A few post members were talking about how George's  recent article he did about getting a new dog and Brad's multiple appearances and different events as of late are becoming transparent and a little desperate. One member said:

I think Brad and George are aging out of being Brad! and George! and there is some sympathy in Hollywood over their decline and that will work against Fassbender who clearly has many good years in front of him. Also, a lot of the awards seem to not be given on the basis of the performances in question but rather for lifetime achievement, the voters feeling of "isn't about time we gave you one of these?", general balance in the balloting (old vs young, type of project) and general familiarity. And pandering is helpful, I think Colin Firth campaigned pretty hard last year to get his win. He should have won the year before for "A Single Man" and perhaps he thought he'd better get out thesre and win some people over.
Is this valid? Granted the new talent coming in clearly have a bright future ahead of them, but are Clooney and Pitt slowly on the outs? Are their rigerous campaigning for a little gold man becoming a little...well, sad? Post your comments!


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