February 20, 2012

The Men of This Means War: Who's Your Pick?

In the recently released film This Means War Resse Witherspoon has to choose the love of Chris Pine or Tom Hardy. When asked who would win the ultimate love smack down, I was surprised to see that the answers were almost split 50/50. After going through multiple fan forums and comments I compiled a brief overview on what makes these two so desirable.

Chris Pine: The Star Trek star has a lot of things going for him. Good looks, an admirable physique, and a steady career. The charming Pine has a lot of charm and charisma which any woman would be defenseless against. Also, the man has a wicked sense of humor. Many have said that the "Pinto" bromance with Zachary Quinto makes him 'adorable' and also a person who is loyal to their friends.

Tom Hardy: Recently dubbed the closest thing to Brando by one of Brando's friends, Tom Hardy has a lot going for him. Talent, passion, and that intensity that can be used when he's working with the likes of Gary Oldman or Christian Bale. The English actor is rough around the edges and has that mysterious rebel quality which females fall victim to at one point or another. He seems to have landed in the exclusive club of actors who are predicted to have shining careers in the near future.

Who is your pick?

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