February 16, 2012

Is It Time To Turn Off The Handy Cam?

I watched The Blair Witch Project about 2 years ago at a house party with a bunch of my high school girlfriends. The home was surrounded by a wooded area which made the room 10 times darker when dusk fell. It was a frightening experience and I remember sleeping with the lights on after watching the film. I had never seen this style of film making before and I was intrigued. The shots were so "real" and I felt like I was right in the woods with the doomed teens. I have asked many people recently and the consensus is that The Blair Witch Project is no longer considered "scary" comapred to the Paranormal films.
     In the past week I have seen 2 films with the "handy cam" style of filming ( Paranormal Activity and Chronicle.) Through these viewings I reflected back to The Blair Witch Project and wondered when these types of films started becoming so overdone. The main issue I have is the believeablity of films like Paranormal and Chronicle. Chronicle is a story about a troubled teen who develops powers that leads him to angst and destruction. The main idea is that he carries his camera around everywhere (hence the whole film being in the view of a "handy cam".) When scenes start becoming more and more intense, the idea that someone would be holding a hand held camera while shit starts hitting the fan just kills the suspension of belief. Same with Paranormal Activity. When Satan's demonic spawn is creeping around each corner, you bet your ass, that the last thing you would be thinking is "Wow, I hope I'm getting all of this for later!"
     Now, it's a totally different case when it comes to the upcoming teen party film Project X. This film about a party that becomes out of control can get away with using this style of filming. There's nothing strange about some one walking around a party with a camera, filming all the crazy shenanigans that ensue. The allusion of authenticity is not compromised in a story like Project X.
     I am not completely denouncing the once innovative method. I still think it's a very affective style of film making. However, with the Paranormal phenomenon still running rampant and new films releasing the same "handy cam" gimmick, I am growing a bit weary.

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