April 30, 2012

Tribeca Run Down: Part 2 Shorts- Status Update (Plus my run in w/ Michael Fassbender)


Shorts: Status Update

Cafe Regular, Cairo
The Status Update short films were hands down my favorite part of the festival. Seriously, watching this line up just reinforced my love for short films. Status Update wasn't as heavy as Fallout, but the films were so broad when it came to content. You had films like the dark comedy, Rung; the story about an ambitious young woman who wants nothing more than to ring church bells. Then you had the adorably cute, Cafe Regular, Cairo which is proof that no matter what our cultural differences are, we are all the same when it comes to love.

Double or Nothing really threw the audience for a loop.  The film is about a young couple (Adam Brody and Louisa Krause) who get involved in a sick game with a homeless man (played by Keith David.) I won't give anything away, but it's definitely an eye opener.

43,000 Feet
Pitch Black Heist was one of my top films of the day. I've been a fan of Michael Fassbender since Hunger and it was refreshing to see him in a short film. Fasbender and Liam Cunningham unite with director John Maclean to create a 13 minute film about 2 men prepping for a complicated bank heist. I really want to see more of John Maclean's work, because this film was great. Pitch Black Heist was so clever (I really want to read that script) and he fully captured the mood of a smooth film noir with the use of black and white. It also helps that you have 2 actors who have amazing chemistry together and can really bounce off each other.

Overall, I can easily say that the short films were the highlight of my Tribeca experience. They are so overlooked by the public and I appreciate events like TFF that really showcase them and the filmmakers who work so hard to make them.

A nice surprise was Michael Fassbender being in attendance at the screening for Pitch Black Heist. It was pretty awesome to see him support his film and I was pretty excited, myself. How many people can say they saw a screening with one of their favorite actors?

I managed to garner enough courage to walk up to him and ask for a photo. I'm usually very cool when it comes to meeting celebrities, but it's a little different when it's someone who you've been a fan of for a long time. I was embarrassingly nervous, and he was just the coolest. Thank you, Mr. Fassbender.

Thanks for stopping your texting for a brief second to take a pic!

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