April 2, 2012

Kutcher Gets Jobs

What was first perceived as a really elaborate April Fool's joke was in fact the exact opposite. The former That 70's Show cast member, 2 1/2 Men replacement, and Demi's ex-boy Ashton Kutcher is to portray the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. People's reactions were...well....

and of course there were the Tweets

And those were the nicest I could find.

A bud of mine said something very interesting when I told him about the news (I was at the time, in equal sense of disdain.) "Look, after Heath Ledger managed to pull off The Joker, I refuse to get so upset about unconventional castings. Shit works out sometimes."

 What the hell. Mainstream movies aren't doing Kutcher any favors (still trying to haggle my time back from watching Killers.) And with his reputation being filed under 'unfavorable' at the moment, maybe playing the beloved Steve Jobs could resurrect his status. Because at the end of the day what will Ashton Kutcher be remembered for? Former Mr. Demi Moore who played pranks on celebrities for giggles? I can't fault him for going for a meaty role such as this. Let's pray to the deities that he doesn't make a mockery of the Job.

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