April 8, 2012

Fassbender: "I'll Bribe For My Film"

 From the Association Press
Michael Fassbender has joked he is prepared to turn to bribery to get the stars and director he wants to work on his new film project.
The award-nominated star of Shame and A Dangerous Method has started his own film production company and wants to adapt the famous Irish myths, The Cuchulainn Saga, for the big screen from a script he is working on with Public Enemies writer Ronan Bennett.
Fassbender said: “I’ll try and bribe, convince, whatever it takes to try and get the people we would like to have in it.
“But at the moment it’s really just a matter of getting the story tight so I can send something out there that will entice people to do it, so fingers crossed we’ll see what happens.
“We should have a script by July in the summer and then hopefully something to take to studios around September, October.”
The Irish actor will next appear in Ridley Scott’s space epic Prometheus and admitted working with the Oscar-winning director has been inspiring.
Fassbender said: “I was excited… and nervous… and scared.
“He’s just such an inspiring person to be around. He’s just the master. He’s been around now 30 years at the top of his game and there’s no bullshit with him, he’s just straight down the line.
“He’s a doer, so it’s all about getting it done and learning from that. I can’t say enough about the man, he’s really inspirational.”
Yeah, I don't think you'll have a problem finding people to be involved, sweetie. I hope this project follows through. He sounds very passionate about the film, and as many of you cinephiles know, there are so many films that never get off the ground.  Godspeed, Fassbender!

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  1. That's sounds very interesting I hope he succeeds and makes this movie.