August 7, 2013

A Second Glance: A Look At Daniel Radcliffe

I'm not going to lie, I did not know what I was buying a ticket for when I stood outside the Noel Coward Theatre at 9 AM. I knew that the play was by the great Martin McDonagh (In Bruges), was called The Cripple of Inishman, and that it starred child actor turned versitiale thespian Daniel Radcliffe. I felt it was only necessary to catch Radcliffe in a role that would not only test his range as an actor but also showcase the talent that some people may not have known he had.

Because the truth of the matter is many child actors have it rough. They really do. They play a certain role for years, people become emotionally invested, and once your voice changes and you become an adult you're still seen as your former character. It makes it tough to land decent (grownup) parts and that is the sad truth. If we're getting more specific it is probably very tough for Radcliffe in particular. At least the candy driven Disney machine can produce generic kid actors that can move on to other things later down the road ( Efron, Gomez, Hudgens, Cyrus.) But Radcliffe is a different case all together. He was and always will be attached to one of the biggest franchises in history. His face alone defined a part of our culture which will be remembered forever ( I know I'm getting heavy, stay with me...) And that doesn't happen often, especially for someone who was as young as Radcliffe was when he started.

And when it comes to a franchise like Harry Potter how can a young actor really flex his acting muscles when his only requirement is to just be Harry Potter? And that's what Radcliffe has to work with now. Convincing people that he is not the inexperienced little boy that was plucked from thousands to play a major book character. Which leads me into why I'm quite fond of him.

There is something extremely earnest about Radcliffe when he is performing. I saw this when I watched him sing, act, and dance like crazy in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and I saw it when he played the unfortunate Cripple Billy in The Cripple of Inishman. When he delivers a line, you believe. Every emotion he displays is genuine. And to make an audience member feel that sincerity is a special thing.

And though he is continuing to branch out to new and different projects (his upcoming films include Kill Your Darlings, Horns, Frankenstein w/ James McAvoy, and Tokyo Vice) he is still very humble and is open to try different types of characters. I feel like these are the kind of qualities that will get him far. A modest attitude with an appetite for new and exciting roles. I have seen him in 2 shows now so I am a bit bias when I say that I prefer to see him on stage than in films. However, I personally believe that Radcliffe is growing in front of our eyes and he is really going to have a flourishing career. Just wait and see!

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