September 10, 2012

One Man's Pain Is Another Man's On Camera Treasure- 3,2,1...Frankie Go Boom Review

3,2,1...Frankie Go Boom can be summed up in one German defenition.

Schadenfreude: enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others 

You see, you have Bruce, a recovering drug addict, who is obsessed with making films. Not just any films. Films that involve real life situations involving the people close to him. That's where Frank comes in. Frankie is Bruce's youngest brother who has secluded himself in, of all places, Death Valley, California. Since they were kids Bruce has always documented Frank's most embarrassing moments (sometimes caused by Bruce, himself. There is a scene in the beginning involving a picnic blanket which is priceless.) Thinking that Bruce has changed his ways, Frankie meets a girl (more like runs into) named Lassie played by Lizzy Kaplan (not to be confused by the 1950's heroic collie.) One thing leads to another and they eventually hook up, but not before Frank experiences a humiliating moment of impotence. Later on, Bruce reveals that he recorded their entire night on film and gave it to his drugged up, producer friend Jack. This poses an issues since Jack is Lassie's father. The video circulates around and soon Bruce and Frank are racing to get the video before it reaches Lassie and potentially ruin Frank's relationship with her.

I have been this film's cheerleader for awhile now, because I am a fan of most of the actors in this film (plus I love when small movies do well.) I even made a post on why I was excited for 'Frankie' (check it out HERE.)

When you first watch this, you can tell that this was film with a low budget. However, the level of name actors tied to this is not only astonishing, but pretty damn impressive. You've got Chris O'Dowd who has been getting a steady stream of work in the US thanks to the success of Bridesmaids. Then there is Charlie Hunnam who is probably best known for his role as Jackson Teller on Sons of Anarchy (he looks surprisingly baby faced when you take the facial hair away.) Then you have Lizzy Kaplan who once again uses her brilliant comedic talents to make a nice addition to an already eclectic ensemble. And then you have Ron Perlman in a dress.....yeah no need to say anything on that one. You just have to experience it for yourself.

The stand out by far is Chris Noth who just completely rips off his Mr. Big persona, throws it on the ground, kicks it, shoots it, and tosses it into the trash. The man is hysterically, whacked out of his mind and he plays skeezy so well. In my opinion, he was hands down the best part of the film.

It was extremly refreshing to see Hunnam  play such an innocent character. Watching him portray such an average Joe riddled by past humiliation and grief was great. His accent did slip in and out at some points, but overall it was a solid job. You truly felt for Frank and really wanted him to come out on top. Hunnam is also great in his comedic moments. When he is with O'Dowd he just gets in the zone and together they bounce of each other. The bickering between the two, ecspecially had me in fits of giggles. They really convinced you that they were brothers. I loved the actors who played their parents. Every moment they had on screen was golden and I wished they had more camera time.

The great thing about 'Frankie' is that amongst all the craziness that the story provides their is still a very touching story that follows a long. I plan on seeing this again when it hits theaters. Watching it with a full audience and not a dimly lit dorm room, will def. give me a new prospective of the film. In my opinion, is you enjoy raunchy humor with some heart then go check out this film. 3 1/2 out of 5 BONERS!!!


  1. Thanks Chica for the review, shared on Ron Perlman Fan Page and Charlie Hunam International Facebook pages. Hope it brings the boys to the yard to read here.