August 5, 2012

My Most Anticipated: 3,2,1...Frankie Go Boom

There is something to be said when you have 2 of TV's biggest bad asses (Ron Perlman & Charlie Hunnam's Jax & Clay, hailing from the land of bikes, leather, and complete chaos*) in a film where one is an emasculated victim while the other is a pot smoking transvestite whose bold candor is both amusing and off putting. I heard about this film from a friend who saw this at SXSW and have been monitoring it's progression ever since.

*Sons of Anarchy

The story centers on two brothers, Frankie and Bruce. Frankie (Hunnam) is trying to live down the disgrace of not only finding out that his fiancee had been cheating on him as their wedding was underway, but also that his brother Bruce (O'Dowd) posted a video of his subsequent meltdown on the Internet. Bruce is struggling to overcome addiction issues and reenters Frankie's life just as Frankie is meeting a woman (Caplan) he might have a real chance with. When Bruce uploads another video and complications ensue.- LA Times


Who’s In It?

 Sam Anderson … Chris
  Lizzy Caplan … Lassie
  Whitney Cummings … Claudia
  Justin Dray … Jogger
  Nora Dunn … Karen
  Charlie Hunnam … Frankie
  Leonard Kelly-Young … Arthur
  Kate Luyben … Donna
  David Marciano … David
  Chris Noth … Jack
  Chris O’Dowd … Bruce
  Adam Pally … Brian
  Ron Perlman … Phyllis
  Sarah Rush … Natalie

The film is directed by screenwriter of March of the Penguins, Jordan Roberts. At a screening he describes the film as"..a comedy about second chance, in love, second chance in whatever the thing you got slapped down at, and I was fascinated by humiliation and challenging humiliation." Hopefully, more information will come out before it's VOD September 10/ Theatrical October 12 release. What I find most impressive about this film is the caliber of actors attached to what seems to be a pretty low budget film. I don't know too much about the film a part from the given synopsis, however, I am intrigued by this funny, quirky film.

Perlman and Hunnam briefly discuss their roles in 'Frankie'
Pictures courtesy of Variance Films

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