March 13, 2014

Season 2 Episode 2 of VIKINGS Recap: Viking Ships, Shaky Terms, and Athelstan Becomes a Real Boy

So we move ahead and have now jumped 4 years. Aslaug has moved from side chick to main chick and is now Ragnar’s wife. They have popped out a few kids now (all boys) and everything seems to be going hunkey dory.

We finally see Athelstan in his entirety and he is pretty much a full fledge Viking with his long locks and nifty goatee (he has even adopted the language like a pro).

Raganr lets all his men know that they will be raiding in the Summer and that it’s going to be flipping awesome. Ragnar will be joined by frenemies King Horick and Jorg Borg (the guys who were fighting in the last episode) and so far everything seems alright.

But uh oh. Looks like Ragnar is back to his old habits. During dinner Aslaug catches him getting his flirt on with a cute servant girl, and she lets the poor girl know that she is the main woman in charge, and she better back off.  Oh you mad, Aslaug? I’m sure Lagertha was bright and chipper when Ragnar was hitting it with you….
When she confronts Ragnar, she lets him have it and pretty much tells him that she has mystical powers that can foresee the future or something, I dunno. Her son will have the serpent in his eye (*plays ‘Eye of the Tiger’*) which I'm sure will be important down the line. 
Ragnar goes to an oracle to check to see what is going to happen to his sons. The oracle lists off all the cool things that 2 of his sons will do (marry a princess and sail the seas without much incident). We soon learn that Bjorn will do one of these things and is destined to become a great Viking. However, it is clear that Ragnar has not seen his son since he left with Lagertha and thinks about him all the time.
Siggy is still with Rollo despite the fact that he has gone off the tracks and into a very big ditch of despair. She pushes Rollo to ask Ragnar to go raiding with the other Vikings (Ragnar is still pissed about the whole betrayal thing from last weeks episode and Rollo has been drinking himself silly for the past 4 years.) Rollo asks for forgiveness from Ragnar and Ragnar tells his brother that he will consider letting him raid with him and the boys.

Back at Viking training camp, Ragnar and Athelstan practice their fighting skills. Athelstan has clearly become very skilled in the past 4 years and is no longer the sweet monk that we have grown accustomed to. 
Of course we can’t have an episode without some kind of drama, so right before they are about to raid, King Horik straight up tells Ragnar that he doesn’t want Jorg Borg to come with them. Since King trumps… Jorg (?) Ragnar has no choice but to kick Borg out.
In a very revealing moment Ragnar chats with one of Horick’s sons and lets him know that he has a son around his age (Bjorn). We learn that Bjorn is probably around 17/18 now and he has chosen not to contact Daddy Ragnar (and clearly this is very upsetting to him).
Ragnar tells Rollo that he will acknowledge him as  his brother again, but he won't be going on the raids. So.....silver lining I guess?
Jorg Borg is told that he will not be going on the trip either and as you can imagine he is not pleased. 
Meanwhile, Siggy is getting close and intimate with King Horick and tells him that she can let him in on all of Ragnar's business. Looking for a come up, Siggy?
Still pissed that Ragnar broke off the deal, Jorg Borg tries to get Rollo to turn on his brother and join him again (because that worked so well last time, right). However, this time Rollo isn't buying it and head buts Jorg like a soccer ball.  Cut to Siggy and Horick getting it on....and uh....
Ragnar and the crew leave, and they encounter a big case of torrential rain, which rocks their Viking ship of course. They finally make it to land and they swarm in for the raid. However, they are soon surrounded by soldiers and are bombarded by arrows, killing off many. In a moment of bravery Athelstan saves Ragnar’s life and is awarded a Viking bracelet (which I guess is the equivalent of a diploma), which means he’s legit now and Ragnar is a proud Viking papa.
We learn that the Vikings have made their way to Essex and the King there is no joke. Whoop.

We’ll see what happens AND finally find out what Bjorn and Lagertha have been up too. Sweet!

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