February 21, 2014

Film Lincoln Center Free Talks: An Evening w/ Matthew McConaughey

Tonight I had the privilege of attending one of Film Society Lincoln Center’s series of interviews called Free Talks. Since these tickets are free, I couldn’t pass up the chance of seeing the actor who is really having a great year right now. If you had told me 9 years ago that I would, willingly, wait 2 hours to hear Matthew McConaughey talk about one of his films, I would’ve thought you were mentally insane and would suggest you go seek professional treatment immediately. 9 years ago McConaughey was a joke, producing mostly subpar to awful films. Nothing that showcased his range as an actor outside the romantic comedy genre, but definitely his perky and tight pectorals and abs. And, to me at least, it was like he was content being the go-to romantic male lead and had no interest in growing.

Then in 2011 McConaughey's career took a hit of Espresso and he kicked off the beginning of his career resurrection with the Lincoln Lawyer and the film that really changed how I saw him, Killer Joe. Have you seen Killer Joe? McConaughey is scary as a all get out. Killer Joe is so good that it’s ridiculous. McConaughey slays the role, and it bewilders me that he didn’t get a nominated for such a performance. Then came Magic Mike which had a lot of people thinking he would get a Supporting Actor nod (which I thought was a long shot, but I do agree he was pretty great as Dallas. Check out my review of the film HERE)

With the obvious career boost after several duds, it’s not hard to understand why I wanted to hear him talk about his role in the Dallas Buyer’s Club.

Physically McConaughey is very handsome. He’s no longer the young stud from Dazed and Confused, but he has aged nicely. He was looking like the true thespian with a well tailored, gray, three piece suit, a long, black pea coat, and a gray scarf which I desperately wanted to rock myself.

Listening to Matthew talk is like sitting on a front porch with a good buddy on a hot summer day, as you sip Peach ice tea, while rocking in a rocking chair. He just oozes that southern charisma that makes him so likable (and as a girl who was raised by two southern parents, I know a real southern gentleman when I see one. McConaughey is the real deal, y'all.) Whenever he was telling a story, whether it was funny or serious, he would always lean into the audience, like he was letting us in on a secret. However, I could tell that behind that charm was a man who really had something to prove. When he was talking about his acting and the process he goes through when approaching a character, I was kind of gobsmacked. Not that I thought he was just winging it his entire career, but I didn’t expect so much thoughtfulness and depth from him.

I couldn’t get my question answered, but don’t worry True Detective fans. Matthew has the entire series on screeners and he’s watching each episode, each week like the rest of us. He even admitted he doesn't know what's going to happen!

I can’t say seeing him tonight changed my opinion on who I think should win Best Actor (I’m still Team DiCaprio/Ejiofor), but I wouldn’t be the least bit disappointed if Matthew swooped in and snatched it. I guess you could say I'm in the McCounghey camp now. Pass the marshmallows and the chocolate!

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  1. Oh God I'd kill to be in the same room he is in :)

    He is such a great story teller, he seriously should have his own show or something because no matter the story, the ones who listen to it are captivated. I'm rooting for him to win this year and helpfully continue this amazing streak of great performances for a long time.