June 25, 2013

Trailer Breakdown: Why You Should Be Excited For "The Wolf of Wall Street"

A storm came through the internet last week and it was in the form of a 2 minute and 15 second trailer for the new Martin Scorsesse/ Leonardo DiCaprio film Wolf of Wall Street. If anyone told you they were expecting anything close to what we were shown then they are probably lying and you should dismiss anything they say for now on....

 No, really, you should, because no one was expecting all the beautiful, exhilerating, hilarious goodness that The Wolf of Wall Street trailer provided. And for fans of the book by Jordan Belfort, this must be like Christmas. I haven't even read the book and after this trailer I was racing to my nearest bookstore to buy myself a copy...

So here are the highlights of the trailer...

Slightly tanned? Slick back hair? Stern expression? Next to Leo lifiting a drink to toast, does anyone feel this is a common look in his films?

“The year I turned 26, I made $49 million, which really pissed me off because it was three shy of $1 million a week.”


Now this part kind of brought back some bitterness. The fact that McConaughey was not nominated for Killer Joe or, yes, even Magic Mike, but Jonah Hill is on top with DiCaprio....

"What's wrong, daddy?"

Wait. Is that Kanye playing in the background?
Make that 3 common things in Leo's films.......


Sweet Jesus, we're tossing tiny people.

And more partying...




Seriously, if that part alone doesn't make you want to see this then you are a lost cause, I'm sorry.

For the love of God, they have a monkey in a button down and khakis!

And of course we have to end this epicness with McConuaghey who I can already tell will be snatching weaves and stealing scenes in this movie.
I've actually watched this trailer so many times that I know this little hum/chest beat thing they do by heart. No shame.

*A few weeks before this trailer came out, I had asked people if they thought Leo could do comedy (sorry, I don't count Catch Me If You Can as  comedic role.) A lot of people laughed and said they just couldn't see it. However, it's clear that with the right script and director (and lets be honest, Leo would dress up like a pumpkin for Scorsese) Leo can be play a comedic role. And that's why we are so excited by this trailer. It's a type of role we've never seen Leo do before. He's dancing for Christ sake! How can you not love it? He's taking a risk, going outside what we usually expect from him and I think it's going to pay off, I really do.

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